An insight is a quantum leap in thinking. There is a distinct before and after, and history is filled with similar stories of men and women, young and old, and their Aha! moments.


Archimedes shouted, “Eureka!” Galileo, Sir Isaac Newton, Einstein, and Sir Paul McCartney experienced these moments, changed the world, and improved our ability to understand the universe, conceptualize gravity, see beyond the stars, and dream beyond impossible.

How will your Aha! moment change history?


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Short Introduction

Dr. Jay Berckley, Ed.D., is a research-based practitioner, learning leader, and executive consultant who has clients in the fields of software development, business entrepreneurship, executive administration, social media and network marketing, and in the areas of education, government, and non-profit organizations. Jay coaches leaders beyond their current circumstances and towards extraordinary success!

Dr. Berckley mentors top performers with remarkable results, turning innovative ideas into dynamic realities and passion into possibilities. In his role as Dean of Arts & Innovation at Episcopal High School, located in Houston, Texas, Jay is a passionate educator, dedicated toward making systemic improvements in how we define, cultivate, and advance education in America.

Jay, his lovely wife, and three beautiful daughters live in Houston, Texas.



  • Executive Ed.D. in K-12 Professional Leadership

  • Member, Science of Learning Research Centre

  • Published Dissertation (2019): “What are the observable correlates of the Aha! moment, and how does this moment relate to moving from surface to deep thinking?”

  • TEDx Talk (2013), professional presentations, keynote speaker, and executive coach


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